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Hangul Celluloid joins the KOFICE 'Korea Joa Project'

Those who follow Hangul Celluloid on social networks will no doubt already be aware that KOFICE (Korea Organisation of International Cultural Exchange) has chosen www.hangulcelluloid.com to be a member of the 2015 Korea Joa Project.
The Korea Joa Project consists of 15 notable sites from nine countries specialising in Korean film, K-Drama, K-Pop and/or other Korean cultural fields being flown out to Korea for two weeks at the beginning of October to immerse themselves in Korean culture and report on their experiences.

The schedule for Korea Joa is frankly incredible. Hangul Celluloid, with the other Korea Joa members, will attend the Busan International Film Festival, visit Korean drama sets, a K-Pop festival, television music shows (including M Countdown), experience a myriad of Korean cultural sites and events, both traditional and modern, in Seoul and Busan, and much, much more.

I know that many of the regular visitors to the Hangul Celluloid site have a deep interest in Korean film specifically, Korean culture in general and indeed Korea itself. So, to enable you to be able to experience Korea and its culture with me, I will be providing regular and ongoing written coverage as well as creating a daily video diary of the entire Hangul Celluloid KJ Project. As part of the video diary, I have also arranged to undertake a number of (filmed) interviews with both organisations and creative individuals, while in Korea.

All of the ongoing Hangul Celluloid KJ Project coverage will, of course, be available in this section of the site but I’ll also be sharing all of the content from the other KJ members via social networks (Twitter, Facebook etc.), to give you an even deeper insight into this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Hangul Celluloid’s Korea Joa Project will begin on 30 September 2015. I hope you’ll join me.