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East Winds: East Asian Cinema and Cultural Crossovers (CoventryUniversity, March 2nd- 4th, 2012)


As a result of the success of last year's event, the 'East Winds: East Asian Cinema and Cultural Crossovers' symposium will take place at Coventry University on March 2nd-4th, 2012. 
A call for papers has been announced for those writers wishing to submit a proposal for a talk - a 300 word abstract for a 20 minute paper should be submitted to by 2nd January 2012. 

An overview is provided below and further details can be found at:


"Papers should represent the diversity of East Asian Cinema and engage with the films from a variety of perspectives – academic, fan based, journalism, festival management, student, distribution companies and publishing – across disciplines and countries.

As this symposium emerges from the work done by CUEAFS (Coventry University East Asian Film Society), one of the foremost aims of the symposium is to challenge academic boundaries and conventions in relation to the production and dissemination of knowledge. As such, we actively welcome the submission of abstracts of work-in-progress, pre-formed panels, workshops or proposed discussion sessions by students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, in addition to academics, journalists, and people involved in the consumption, promotion and distribution of East Asian Cinema.

The purpose of the symposium and film festival is to develop a network of people involved with the production, distribution, reception and analysis of East Asian cinema.  It is anticipated that the symposium will reflect the excitement and interest generated by the emergence of East Asian cinema onto the global screen, while also offering new insights into local productions and co-productions which have been overlooked by scholars and audiences in the West.

The main criteria are that the proposals should be related to one of the four cinematic territories (China, Hong Kong, Japan or South Korea). Pre-formed panels, workshops, presentation of work-in-progress, and papers are sought. Pre-foremd panels of 3 people are advisable. Suggested areas are below, but we welcome proposals on other areas of interest which fulfil the main purpose of the symposium.




'Poetry' (2010) UK DVD release:

Arrow Films / Entertainment One release 'Poetry' (2010 - Directed by Lee Chang-dong) on DVD in the UK on November 28th 2011.

'Poetry' Synopsis:

Yang Mija (Yoon Jung-hee) is a sixty-six year-old lady who looks after her selfish and disrespectful grandson, Wook (Lee David), while barely surviving on government hand-outs and from working part-time as a carer for elderly stroke victim Elder Kang (Kim Hee-ra). A minor ailment causes her to seek medical advice and inadvertently leads to the discovery that she is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.
Desperately trying to find some semblance of meaning in her life, and with a growing subconscious need to express herself before the beautiful memories of her past are taken from her, she enrolls in a poetry course at the local Cultural Centre, but, try as she might, the inspiration she needs to compose her first poem continually seems to elude her.
However, the discovery of the body of a young schoolgirl (who committed suicide) in a nearby river impacts on Mija's life in a way she could never have imagined and, as she is forced by others to make amends for a tragedy which was not of her making, she finds the inspiration she seeks waiting for her in an utterly unexpected place...

DVD Details:

Format: PAL
Language Korean
Subtitles: English
Region: Region 2 (DVD), Region B (Blu-ray)
Number of discs: 1
Classification: 12
Studio: Entertainment One / Arrow Films
Run Time: 134 minutes
Release Date: 28 Nov 2011
ASIN: B005FEPK9M (DVD), B005FEPK7Y (Blu-ray)

DVD/Blu-ray Special Features:

  • Audio commentary with director Lee Chang-dong and critic Kim Young-jin
  • The Making of Poetry
  • Onset with Lee Chang-dong and Yun Jeong-hie
  • The Legendary Actress: Yun Jeong-hie
  • Interview with Ahn Nae-sang
  • Theatrical Trailer

You can read the Hangul Celluloid review of 'Poetry' by clicking here

'Death Bell' (2008) UK DVD release:

Terror-Cotta (a new imprint label from Terracotta Distribution) releases 'Death Bell' (2008 - Directed by Yoon Hong-seung) on DVD in the UK on October 10th 2011.

'Death Bell' Synopsis:

At the end of mid-term exams at an elite high school, the pupils with the best results are grouped together in a special class, in preparation for a forthcoming school event. Grudgingly attending the first 'lesson', the students sit down to watch a DVD but rather than the video that the teachers intended to show, they are instead confronted with CCTV footage of student Hye-young imprisoned in a tank which is quickly filling with water, while a voice tells them that they are to answer a series of questions, with a student dying for each incorrect answer.
As the test continues, the questions become ever more difficult, and as the bodies start piling up, In-a (Nam Gyu-ri) discovers the order in which students are being chosen to die. Realising what little time she has left before she too becomes a victim, In-a must find a way to stop the killings before the Death Bell rings for her...

DVD Details:

       • Director: Yoon Hong-seung (credited as Chang)
       • Format: PAL, Anamorphic, Widescreen, Subtitled
       • Language: Korean
       • Subtitles: English/None
       • Sound: Dolby
Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0
       • Region: Region 2
       • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
       • Number of discs: 1
       • Classification: 18
       • Distributor: Terror-Cotta (Terracotta Distribution)
       • Run Time: 88 minutes (approx.)

DVD Extras:

  • Making of Film Featurette
  • Making of Special Make-up Featurette
  • Making of Music Featurette
  • Music Videos
  • UK Trailer
  • Other Terracotta Release Trailers

You can read the Hangul Celluloid review of 'Death Bell' by clicking here

'Daytime Drinking' (2008)
UK DVD release date announced:

Inclusionism has announced that it will release 'Daytime Drinking' (2008 - Directed by Noh Young-seok) on DVD in the UK on September 12th 2011.

'Daytime Drinking' Synopsis:

To cheer him up after being dumped by his girlfriend, Hyuk-jin’s friends suggest going on a trip to Jeongseon together the following day. However, when Hyuk-jin (Song Sam-dong) arrives at Jeongseon bus station the next morning, his friends are nowhere to be seen and, on phoning one of them, Ki-Sang (Yuk Sang-yuep), to find out where they are, he discovers that they were all too hung over from the previous night's drinking to make the journey.
Ki-sang suggests that Hyuk-jin should travel to a nearby guest house, check in for a couple of nights and just enjoy himself until he can join him there in a day or two, but the more people Hyuk-jin meets along the way, the more the alcohol invariably flows, and the worse his nightmare becomes...

DVD Details:

       • Director: Noh Young-seok
       • Format: PAL, Anamorphic, Widescreen, Subtitled
       • Language: Korean
       • Subtitles: English/None
       • Sound:
Dolby Digital 2.0
       • Region: Region 2
       • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
       • Number of discs: 1
       • Classification: 15
       • Studio: Inclusionism
       • Run Time: 111 minutes (approx.)

DVD Extras:

  • Nightime Drinking: An Interview with Director Noh Young-seok
  • Behind The Scenes: Music Video
  • The Art of Pok-tan-ju: Mixing Korean Drinks with Director Noh Young-seok
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Original Trailer

You can read the Hangul Celluloid review of 'Daytime Drinking' by clicking here


London Korean Film Festival 2011 dates and films announced:

The 6th annual London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) returns 3 - 17 November 2011 showcasing the very best Korean films, UK premieres and events, ranging from the traditional gritty thrillers and skin crawling films, to family animation films new to the Korean film scene and... Kpop!

The diverse programme this year includes a North & South Korean film strand, a Ryoo Seung-wan Retrospective, a light hearted Korean films section, classic films by the late director Lee Man-hee, Classics and Directrospectives, an Animation day and Mise en scene short films, all taking place in London at the Odeon West End, Apollo, Korean Cultural Centre and ICA cinemas, and on tour nationally in Sheffield (12 - 13 Nov), Cambridge (18 - 20 Nov) and Newcastle (20 - 24 Nov).

The opening night Gala 3 Nov (Odeon West End) kicks off with a special Kpop concert from 4.30pm, followed by the European premiere of Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon with a Q&A with director Kim Han-min, and preceded by a K Pop performance. The festival closes with the UK premiere of Director Ryoo Seung-wan's commercially and critically successful new film about a dirty chain of corruption between the police and prosecuters, The Unjust, followed by a director Q&A, 17 Nov at the Apollo Cinema.

North & South programme at the ICA: The 'Forgotten war' has been a tremendous inspiration for Korean filmmakers with 2010/11 being a standout year for films concerning the North/South divide, ranging from drama to action to family films including: The European premiere of Poongsan, a fast paced thriller written by Kim Ki-duk and the debut feature directed by his protegé Juhn Jai-hong about a young man who is tasked with a secret mission by South Korean government agents to bring over the lover of a highranking North Korean defector.
LKFF presents the European premiere of The Front Line, a popular action drama set towards the end of the Korean war, sees the fight for a strategic territory that would come to determine the border between North and South Korea. Jeon Kyuhwan's third film Dance Town (UK premiere), follows the ambivalent migration of former North Korean national table tennis player Jung-rim (Ra Mi-ran, who won Best Actress at PIFF) as she heads to South Korea. The Yellow Sea, is a heartfelt story of a cab driver who goes in search of his wife who has disappeared, followed by a Q&A with Director Na Hong-jin (tbc).

Ryoo Seung-wan Retrospective at the Apollo cinema: This year LKFF turns the spotlight on to Ryoo Seung-wan, a prolific filmmaker and actor, despite wide distribution of his work, is still little known in the UK. Inspired by Hong Kong action and Jackie Chan films, Ryoo Seung-wan became known as 'the action kid' upon his directorial debut, Die Bad (2000), an acclaimed four part action film made on a shoe string budget. City of Violence (2006) about a detective fighting organised crime; and his first major studio film, No Blood No Tears (2002) among others from his cannon including Dachimawa Lee (2008) and Crying Fist (2005) and of course The Unjust closing night gala film. LKFF is delighted to have Ryoo Seung-wan in attendance this year and participate in Q&As following Crying Fist and The Unjust.

LKFF brings a selection of the best light hearted side of Korean cinema to the ICA including: Sunny, South Korea's box office record holder to date, about a girls' friendship group, and starring K Pop stars to boot. Two other comedy films screening include Suicide Forecast about a baseball player come high flying insurance advisor, Detective K, a comedy about a series of mysterious murders and Late Autumn directed by Kim Tae-yong is the third remake of the classic love story, originally by Lee Man-hee.

At the Korean Cultural Centre (KCC), LKFF presents Classics & Directrospectives (7 & 8 November): some of the early films of the
directors whose features are screening in the festival. They include: crime film, Handphone (Kim Han-min of Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon), Rough Cut (Jang Hoon of The Front Line) about Gangster violence, Korean box office hit Scandal Maker (Kang Hyung-chul of Sunny), Chaser (Na Hong-jin of Yellow Sea) about a dirty detective turned pimp and the critically acclaimed horror film, Memento Mori (Kim Taeyong of Late Autumn).

On 11 & 12 November, LKFF presents classic films by Director Lee Manhee at the KCC including: A day off (1968) a love story turned sour, Assassins (1969) a classic spy tale and the classic Late Autumn (remake by Kim Su-yong), about an encounter between a female convict on leave and a fugitive.

Animation Day at the ICA curated by KOCCA (Korean Creative Content Agency) brings a selection of popular and children animation films, alluding to the growth of the genre in Korean cinema to date. A very special feature animation Leafie(2011), based on a pre-teen best selling novel, boasts the biggest celebrity voice animation in Korea to date, with Choi Min-sik's (star of Old Boy) as the lead voiceover. There will be a Q&A post screening with Director Oh Seongyun. Experience the sense of humor and unique storylines of selected Korean short animations with QR Code Screening in the cinema reception area of the ICA.

Mise-En-Scene shorts include a range of short films selected by the prestigious Mise En Scene Film Festival including 2nd place Berlin short film award winner, Broken Night about car crash fraud, Director Park Chan-wook's (Oldboy) short, Paranmanjan (Night Fishing) a Golden Bear award-winning film at this year's Berlinale and entirely shot on mobile phones.

One Minute Short Film Phone Competition Over the last two years there has been a boom in mobile phone technology which the filmmaking community has whole heartedly embraced. The use of camera phones and other mobile equipment particularly came to the forefront when Director Park Chan-wook released, Paranmanjang (Night Fishing).
To celebrate this LKFF is running a competition for anyone to enter a one minute short film, shot on a mobile phone. The film can be about anything you like with the top twenty being judged by a renowned Korean director tbc. The film will also be screened at the Mise-En-Scene shorts, alongside Paranmanjan. There will also be a number of great prizes to win.

For more information on the competition please visit for the all rules and handy tips to get your film on the big screen.
Deadline Noon Sunday 30th October 2011. We look forward to watching your one minute wonders.

A Korean Cinema Forum will be chaired by author and Journalist Tony Rayns, Jeon Chan-il (Korean cinema programmer of Busan IFF), Choi Jin-hee (Lecturer in film studies at King's College) and Kim Han-min (director of Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon).

Daniel Martin (Lecturer in Film Studies, Queen's University Belfast) will talk about the background of North/South films booming in Korea.
Mark Morris
(Professor, Cambridge University) will talk about Lee Manhee, his lost film Late Autumn, and restored films and Director Ryoo Seung-wan will be doing a special masterclass at the NFTS.
Audiences can also enter in a draw to win a ticket to any screening of LKFF if they take a photo of themselves next to an underground advert of LKFF and send it in to

For further information visit: /

'Moss' (2010) UK DVD release dates announced:

Inclusionism has announced that it will release 'Moss' (2010 - Directed by Kang Woo-suk) on DVD in the UK on August 22nd 2011.

'Moss' Synopsis:

Format: PAL
Region: DVD (Region 2)
Studio: Inclusionism
DVD Release Date: 22 August 2011

• Exclusive interview with Director Kang Woo-suk
• Exclusive interview with comic creator Yan Tue-hoo
• Behind The Scenes footage

You can read the Hangul Celluloid review of 'Moss' by clicking here

Korean Film Night at the Korean Cultural Centre UK: 14th July - 15th December 2011:

Since 2008 the Korean Cultural Centre UK has been holding fortnightly Korean Film Nights, held in the centre's Multi-Purpose Hall. Screenings are free, but booking in advance is required. Details of forthcoming screenings are given below. To reserve a place for a screening, visit - booking for each film will be available a couple of weeks prior to the screening date.

Film Night Dates and Themes:

July 2011

'Mother' (2009) - Thursday 14th July, 7pm

'Twilight Gangster' (2010) - Thursday 28th July, 7pm

August 2011
Liberation Day/Women Directors

'Hurrah! for Freedom' (1946) - Thursday 11th August, 7pm

'The Murmuring' (1995) - Thursday 25th August, 7pm

September 2011
Women Directors

'Take Care of My Cat' (2000) - Thursday 8th September, 7pm

'Rolling Home With a Bull' (2010) - Thursday 22nd September, 7pm

October 2011
A Month of Wickedness

'Possessed' (2009) - Thursday 6th October, 7pm

'Deathbell' (2008) - Thursday 13th October, 7pm

'Yoga' (2009) - Thursday 20th October, 7pm

November 2011
London Korean Film Festival

Full details of the LKFF will be posted as and when they are available

December 2011

'Insect Woman' (1973) - Thursday 1st December, 7pm

'Happy Ero Christmas' (2003) - Thursday 15th December, 7pm

As well as Korean Film Night, the KCC will continue to screen two films daily at 12pm and 3pm. Each season spotlights a province or city in Korea with films either set or filmed in that area.

The KCCUK will also host a week of classic Korean horror films. These films will be from the Korean Film Archive, showcasing some of the earliest examples of Korean horror films. More details will be posted as soon as they are available.

Finally, the London Mayor's Thames Festival will take place in September. One of the key events of the festival will be a special screening of 'Crossroad of Youth' (1934).

'Breathless' Screening and Q&A:

‎'Breathless' (2009 - Directed by Yang Ik-june) will be screened on June 2nd at Odeon Kingston as part of the Happy Soul Festival. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the film's leading actress, Kim Kkobbi. Booking in advance is required. Click the image below for full details.

(I'm also proud and deeply excited to announce that I'll be interviewing Kim Kkobbi (star of the award winning 'Breathless') in person at the beginning of June.)


Hangul Celluloid - Interview with director John H. Lee:

John H.Lee -이재한
(aka: Lee Jae-han)
Born: 1971
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Occupation: Director and Screen Writer

Filmography: The Killer (pre-production); 71: Into the Fire (2010); Saying Good-bye, One Day (2010); A Moment to Remember (2004); History of BoA 2000-2002 (2003); The Cut Runs Deep (1999)

Hangul Celluloid: ‘71 – Into The Fire’ has some astounding combat and battle scenes. Were there any financial constraints which led you to shoot scenes in a particular way, or did you have carte blanche to film the war scenes exactly as you had envisioned prior to shooting the film?

John H. Lee:  It’d be a director’s dream to have “carte blanche” on a film. Often times, economy dictates style. I didn’t have enough resources to satisfy my vision. I was not able to stick to my storyboards and I had to make up a lot of things as I went along. Spontaneity played a lot into achieving certain things. You want seven explosions, but the sun's going down and the VFX guy says you can only get three if you want this shot today. Things like that… But I always knew what kind of emotional effect I wanted on every shot, scene, or sequence… It's all about juggling with variables in the equation and doing the best you can. Give all you've got.


Hangul Celluloid: ‘71 – Into The Fire’ has already achieved a lot of success outside Korea. Are you surprised by the film’s popularity with worldwide audiences?

John H. Lee: Am I surprised? I don't think a filmmaker expects his film to fail. Whenever I helm a project, I think about the universality of the story. I search for stories with universal appeal… I can say I'm pleasantly surprised by how it's well-received worldwide. I am happy that this film, to a certain degree, helped recognize the issues of the "Forgotten War"—the Korean War, that is.


Hangul Celluloid: Was your decision to make a film about the 71 student soldiers influenced by the fact that 2010 was the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War? Did more current events regarding North and South Korea also influence your decision?

John H. Lee: The producers were adamant that we release the film before June 25th. I personally didn't think it was important to release it prior to the exact month and date when the war began. I just wished I had more time cutting the film. The current events didn't influence my decision. Last 60 years or so, the frictions between North and South never stopped and still continue to this date. It's quite depressing…


Hangul Celluloid: At the end of the film, the credits are accompanied by clips of veterans from the battle talking about their experiences and fellow student soldiers. I feel that this adds greatly to the emotional resonance and moving aspects of the film.  At what point in the production process did you decide to include the veterans’ testimonies?

John H. Lee: I think it was during the final shooting week of the film, while getting my mind ready for editing.


Hangul Celluloid: You’re probably best known for writing and directing the hugely successful (and wonderful) ‘A Moment To Remember’. At the start of the Director’s Cut of the film there is a statement confirming that you created both the Theatrical Version and the Director’s Cut. What led to the decision to make the Director’s Cut?

John H. Lee: I don't know if it's a curse or a blessing, but all my films clock at around 2 hours and 30 minutes. Sometimes, I was successful in condensing them, often times not. When I was putting out the theatrical cut for "A Moment to Remember," I was held accountable by the fact that I had initially promised the production and distribution companies that I will give them the film under 1 hour and 57 minutes. Even when it was well-received in the theatres, I remember still thinking to myself that it had lots of emotion but lacked intellect. The director's cut, for me, achieves the balance between the emotion and intellect. I recently was involved in the Blu-ray remastering of the director's cut and was reminded how sad the film was. My assistant and the colorist sitting next to me were crying the whole time!


Hangul Celluloid: Casting actress Son Ye-jin in the role of Kim Su-jin in ‘A Moment To Remember’ was, to my mind, one of the best casting choices ever made in a romance/melodrama. Did you have her in mind for the role before the casting process began?

John H. Lee: Believe it or not, I actually had someone else in mind! I first gave the script to my first choice, Lee Na-young. I had her and Irene Jacob's image in my head while writing the screenplay. I gave Lee Na-young two weeks to decide, but she could not decide, so I decided for her. On the 15th day I gave the screenplay to Son Ye-jin, and she gladly took it, almost right away. (Lee Na-young ended up doing "Someone Special.") Son Ye-jin was not a big star at the time, and a lot of industry sceptics and insiders, until the film opened in theatres, thought it was a total miscasting! They thought she was too young for the part and too short for Jung Woo-sung. They said Jung and Son's faces don't match. You won't believe the things that I heard while making the film. I experienced more controversy for casting T.O.P. in "Into the Fire." But in both cases, I proved them wrong… I think Son Ye-jin matured and evolved into a total artist while shooting "A Moment to Remember." She worked really hard to nail the character. We always had lots of discussions before and after the shootings. In the end, it turned out to be a perfect casting, and her career really took off from there. I am truly happy for her.


Hangul Celluloid: Was the story of such a young woman diagnosed with Alzheimer’s’ disease based on real-life research?

John H. Lee: Yes, there are some rare cases like that in real life. It's partially based on research.


Hangul Celluloid: ’71 – Into the fire’ is based on historical events and has references to one of the student soldiers having been too poor to be able to go to school, while in ‘A Moment To Remember’ the social standing of Su-jin’s family is contrasted with that of Chul-soo’s family. How important do you feel social commentary is within your films’ themes?

John H. Lee: It's quite important to me. All my films deal with ethics and morality. It cannot be done well without an acute understanding of the society in general. That's how one attains his insights.


Hangul Celluloid: Your first major film was ‘The Cut Runs Deep’, a USA film with an English language soundtrack. Did you already have plans back then to write and direct South Korean language films?

John H. Lee: Not really. And I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that I'd do a Japanese language film ("Sayonara Itsuka") either! My next film is back in English. A film noir, titled "The Killer." My filmography is quite unusual, and I think it has a lot to do with my upbringing, having experienced life both in the east and the west. I think I will continue to make films that go beyond language and culture.


Hangul Celluloid: It was fairly widely reported that you were to direct a 3D English language remake of John Woo’s "The Killer," starring Jung Woo-sung. Is that still the case and, if so, can you tell us a little about it?

John H. Lee: It all started when John Woo first saw "A Moment to Remember." The film was referred to him by his partner, Terence Chang. The next thing I know, I was on a plane to Beijing to meet Mr. Woo himself. I was chosen as the one to resurrect John Woo's most beloved child. It's still in the development stage. We have a very good chance of shooting it this year. Casting is not set in stone yet.


Hangul Celluloid: Several other South Korean directors (including Park Chan-wook and Kim Ji-woon) are making English language films in the USA. How well do you feel Korean film aesthetics fit with Hollywood filmmaking?

John H. Lee: I think Korean film aesthetics have a very good competitive edge on the world stage. But sensibility plays a very important part in making a film, not only in terms of creating arresting images, but directing actors as well. Having a grasp of the language and creating a singular, cohesive tone for the story is also something to watch for…

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions.






This fantastic promotion is now available in selected supermarkets across the UK as well as HMV stores and online stockists!

This is an amazing and very unique opportunity for fans of the UK’s leading Asian Action Cinema Specialists to add to their collection at an incredible low price!, and have designated Cine Asia pages to shop from!

PLUS, to celebrate this amazing promotion CINE ASIA have launched a brand spanking new website!



'Missing' (2009), '71 - Into The Fire' (2010) and 'Woochi - The Demon Slayer' UK DVD release dates announced:

Cine Asia has announced that it will release 'Missing' (2009 - Directed by Kim Sung-Hong) on DVD in the UK on January 31st 2011, '71 - Into The Fire' (2010 - Directed by John H. Lee), on DVD and Blu-ray, on March 14th 2011, and 'Woochi - The Demon Slayer' on DVD and Blu-ray, on April 25th 2011:

'Woochi - The Demon Slayer'

When a dark lord obtains the secret to unimaginable power, an elite army of shape-shifting goblins threatens to destroy the world, as we know it. However, just when all seems to be lost, a great warrior-wizard, named Woochi, travels through time to fight for the future of all mankind… Crammed with "plenty of action and excitement (Beyond Hollywood)", Woochi the Demon Slayer is a "romping fun-packed fantasy adventure (Twitch)" that will thoroughly entertain you from start to finish!

Actors: Gang Dong-Won, Kim Yoon-Suk, Lim Soo-Jung, Yoo Hae-Jin
Format: PAL
Region: DVD (Region 2)/Blu-ray
Number of discs: 2 (DVD)/ 1 (Blu-ray)
Classification: 15
Studio: Cine Asia
DVD Release Date: 25 April 2011
Run Time: 115 minutes
ASIN: B004N6F3OU (DVD)/ B004N6F3T0 (Blu-ray)

• Dolby Digital Korean 2.0 & 5.1 • English Subtitles • Audio Commentary by Bey Logan & Mike Leeder • Trailer Gallery • Deleted Scenes • The Newest Korean Style Hero Movie • Making of • Interview Gallery • Production Featurettes : The Magic of Computer Graphics - 4 Featurettes • The Premiere • The Press Conference • The Showcase


• DTS HD Master Audio Korean 5.1 • English Subtitles • Trailer Gallery • Audio Commentary by Bey Logan & Mike Leeder • Making of • Interview Gallery • Deleted Scenes • The Newest Korean Style Hero Movie • Production Featurettes : The Magic of Computer Graphics - 4 Featurettes • The Premiere • The Press Conference • The Showcase • Plus additional 60 minute Featurette (Blu-Ray exclusive)

'71 - Into The Fire'

DVD Details:

Actors: Cha Seung-Won, Kwon Sang-Woo, Choi Seung-Hyun, Kim Seung-Woo
Directors: John H. Lee
Format: Anamorphic, Colour, PAL, Subtitled, Widescreen
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 2
Classification: 15
Studio: Cine-Asia

DVD Special Features:

Audio : Korean 5.1 / Korean 2.0 • Audio Commentary by Bey Logan & Mike Leeder • English Subtitles • Trailer Gallery Special Features: • Men of Valour, Personal reflections on The Korean War (Cine Asia World Exclusive) • INTO THE FIRE - Making of Documentary • Behind the Scenes • Pre-Production • Production Design • Student Soldier Trainees from the Korean War • Poster - Making of • Premiere and Press Interview • Showcase

To celebrate the release of


on DVD and Blu-ray,

CINE ASIA are releasing two special clips

to give you a sneak peak of what’s to expect!



Clip 1:

Clip 2:


DVD Details:

Actors: Moon Sung-Keun, Choo Ja-Hyun
Directors: Kim Sung-Hong
Format: Anamorphic, Colour, PAL, Subtitled, Widescreen
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 1
Classification: 18
Studio: Showbox Media Group/Cine Asia
Run Time: 99 minutes
ASIN: B003N774GA

DVD Special Features:

• Dolby Digital Korean 2.0 & 5.1 • English Subtitles • Trailer Gallery


'Asian Exposure' Symposium at Coventry University:

Hangul Celluloid will be giving a talk on an aspect (or, more accurately, aspects) of Korean cinema as part of the 'Asian Exposure: East Asian Cinema in a Global Context' symposium at Coventry University in February.
Full programme details for the symposium can be found below:

Friday 11th and Saturday 12th February 2011
Coventry University, Technology Park, Conference Centre, Coventry, CV1 2TT

9.00 – 9.15

Registration and refreshments




Opening Remarks



9.30 – 11.00


Parallel Panels

Panel  a) Japan 1: Explorations of Modernity
Chair: John Berra

Woojeong Joo, (University of Warwick), ‘When Modern Girl Sheds Tears: Shinpa Melodrama and the Everyday in Ozu Yasujiro’s Pre-War Woman’s Films’.

Julian Ross (Leeds University), ‘The Forgotten Shinjuku Thieves: Diaries of Intermedial Dialogue in the Japanese 1960s Avant-garde Arts’.

Michael Smith (Leeds University), ‘Tanaka Kinuyo – Women’s Filmmaker or Woman Making Films?’

Panel  b) China 1: The Production and Reception of New Chinese Cinema
Chair: Spencer Murphy

Carol Barker (Bradford University), ‘We’ve still got the twin towers: Landscapes of power in Jia Zhangke’s Shijie (The World, 2005)’.

Matthew Barrington (Kingston University): ‘Can the reception of the cinema of Jia Zhangeke comment on the validity of contemporary Film Canon’s?’

Huifen Joann Hu (Jacobs University), ‘Transnational Chinese Cinema and its Chinese Audienceship: A Qualitative Exploration of the Chinese Audience Reception of Ang Lee’s Cinema’.

Panel c) Korea 1: Sex, Humour & Identity
Chair: Iain Robert Smith

Angela Kim and Min Kyung Joo (Sungkyunkwan University), ‘Like a Virgin: Looking for the new sexual identity through throwing father.’

Geunhye Kim and Lucy Jue, (Sungkyunkwan University), “I wouldn’t have sex with you, if I were not a vampire”: The Manifestation of the Korean Vampirism in Thirst.’

Paul Quinn, (Hangul Celluloid), ‘Love, Loss and Laughter in Korean Cinema.’




Keynote address:
Jasper Sharp (University of Sheffield, Midnight Eye and Zipangu Fest), ‘Adventures/Confessions of a Japanese Film Programmer.’



1:30 – 2.30


Journalism Workshop: Covering East Asian Cinema
Chair: John Berra

Martin Cleary (New Korean Cinema)
Daniel Green (Cine-Vu)
Virginie Selavy (Electric Sheep)

2.30 – 4.00


Parallel Panels

Panel a) Hong Kong and Beyond: Auteurs, Audiences & Genre
Chair: Michael Smith

Gary Bettinson (Lancaster University), ‘The aesthetics of disturbance in recent Wong Kar-wai.’

Steven L. Riep (Brigham Young University), ‘Rethinking Genre Filmmaking: Visual Disabilities as Vehicle for Social Critique in Zhang Yimou’s Happy Times and House of Flying Daggers and the Pang Brothers’ The Eye.’

David West, ‘Wong Fei-Hung and the Shifting Identity of Hong Kong Audiences.’

Panel  b) Korea 2: The Culture of Consumption, Korean-Style
Chair: Colette Balmain

Anne-Marie Cole (Independent Scholar), ‘Different Modes of Film-Watching in Modern Day Korean Society

Callum Jackson (Independent Scholar): ‘Censorship in South Korean Cinema.’

Matthew Melia, (Kingston University), ‘Silence in Korean Cinema’.



4.30 – 4.45

Keynote Address

Ian Cornich (University of Essex), ‘East Asia Relocated: New Zealand as an Extension of the Region's Cinema’


Roundtable Discussion




Wine Reception at Warwick Arts Centre for delegates


12th February 2011

9.00 – 9.45

Keynote Address

Paul Bowman (Cardiff University),’ Spectres of Bruce Lee’











Parallel Panels

Panel  a) China 2: Chinese Youth in Revolt
Chair: Steven L. Riep

Mariagrazia Costantino (University of Rome), ‘Against Any Rhetoric: Teenage Riot and the Diegetic Use of Music in Contemporary Chinese Film.’

Dr. Yang Liu (Nanjing University), ‘A Carnival of Senseless Humour and Vulgar Parody: The Relationship between Low-Budget Comedy Films and Youth Sub-Culture in China.’

Hing Tsang (University of Surrey), ‘Transcendence and Transgression in Li Shao Hong's Stolen Life.’

Panel  b) Japan 2: Trauma and Social Identity on Screen
Chair: John Berra

Marco Bohr (University of Westminster), ‘The Unrepresentability of Trauma in Kore-eda Hirokazu’s Nobody Knows.’

Christopher Howard, (SOAS), ‘Zeronendai no Sōzōryoku - Towards a Survive-style Cinema.’

Artur Szarecki, (Independent Scholar), ‘Deconstructing Japan: Space and Identity in Kamikaze Girls.’

Panel  c) Korea 3: The Transnational Nature of K-Horror
Chair: Matthew Barrington

Dave McCaig and Dean Lockwood (Lincoln School of Media), ‘Contemporary K-Horror as Critique of Ecstatic Consumption: The Housemaid (2010) and Other ‘Wired’ Narratives.’

Leung Wing-Fai (British Film Institute), ‘The Story of Two Texts: A Tale of Two Sisters and The Uninvited.’

Iain Robert Smith (Roehampton University), ‘Oldboy goes to Bollywood: Zinda (2006) and the Transnational Appropriation of South Korean Horror.’ Cinema


Keynote Address and Concluding Remarks

Daniel Martin (Queens University Belfast) –‘ Branding Korean Cinema: Orientalism, Extremity, and the British Consumption of Korean Films’


Symposium ends


The Coventry University East Asian Film Society's official website can be found at or by clicking the image below:

'Bedevilled' (2010) UK DVD release date announced:

Optimum releasing has announced that it will release 'Bedevilled' (2010 - Directed by Jang Cheol-soo) on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on February 28th 2011.
More details as and when they become available.

You can also read the Hangul Celluloid review of the film by clicking here, or, alternatively, via the 'Reviews (Korean Films)' link at the top of the page.


Unfolded Magazine - Issue 1 goes online:

Issue 1 of a new internet magazine, called Unfolded, has gone online.
The magazine covers subjects from fashion to music to film and includes an article on Korean cinema written by yours truly.

The Korean cinema article consists of a short general overview, reviews of three classic South Korean films (complete with a filmography of each of the films' directors in turn) and two reviews of films screening at the London Korean Film Festival 2010.

The magazine can be found at:



Hong Sang-soo showcase at the NFT:

The British Film Institute, in association with the Independent Cinema Office and the Korean Cultural Centre, is showcasing the films of Hong Sang-soo in a season entitled:
"Hong Sang-soo: Between Men and Women…"

The showcase will also include a sit-down Q&A session with Hong Sang-soo, chaired by Tony Rayns, entitled:
"An Evening with Hong Sang-soo"


Details of films to be screened and the Q&A session (along with dates and times) are given below:


The Day a Pig Fell into the Well (1996):

Wed 1st September 20.30 NFT3
Sat 11th September 18.10 NFT3


The Power of Kangwon Province (1998):

Thurs 2nd September 18.20 NFT2
Sun 5th September 20.30 NFT3


Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors (2000):

Sat 4th September 20.30 NFT3
Thurs 9th September 20.30 NFT2


Turning Gate (2002):

Wed 8th September 20.45 NFT3
Sat 18th September 18.20 NFT2


Woman is the Future of Man (2004):

Sat 11th September 20.30 NFT3
Thurs 16th September 17.40 NFT3


Tale of Cinema (2005):

Sun 12th September 18.20 NFT2
Tues 14th September 17.40 NFT3


Woman on the Beach (2006):

Sun 19th September 15.20 NFT2
Fri 24th September 18.10 NFT2


Night and Day (2008):

Sun 19th September 20.15 NFT2
Fri 20th September 18.00 NFT2


Like You Know It All (2009):

Sat 25th September 20.30 NFT2
Tues 28th September 20.30 NFT2


Hahaha (2010):

Fri 3rd September 18.30 NFT3
Sun 5th September 18.10 NFT3

The showcase also includes:

An Evening with Hong Sang-soo:
A sit-down session with Hong Sang-soo, chaired by Tony Rayns

Fri 3rd September 20.45 NFT3


To book tickets:


Telephone: Box Office on 0207 928 3232 (11.30-20.30 daily).

In Person: Tickets & Information Counter at BFI Southbank (11.00-20.30 daily).

Post: BFI members can return the booking form inserted in their Guide mailing.

NB: Booking is free for online bookings. Telephone and postal bookings are subject to a 50p credit card booking fee (this does not apply to debit cards) and a 50p postal charge if customers opt to have their tickets posted to them.

Palisades Tartan announces the UK DVD release of Breath (2007) and Time (2006) - both directed by Kim Ki-duk:
Posted by Paul - 23rd July

Breath (2007 South Korea - directed by Kim Ki-duk) is to be released on DVD in the UK on July 26th 2010. The DVD is a Palisades Tartan (UK) release.

Palisades Tartan will also release Time (2006 - also directed by Kim Ki-duk) on DVD in the UK on August 16th 2010.



Mother (2009 Directed by Bong Joon-ho) gets UK cinema and DVD release:
Posted by Paul - 20th July

Mother (2009 South Korea - Directed by Bong Joon-ho) is to be released in UK cinemas on August 20th 2010. The release is a collaboration between Optimum Releasing and Icon Film Distribution.
Optimum Releasing has also announced that the UK (Region 2) DVD of the film will be released on September 20th.

You can read the Hangul Celluloid review of Mother at:



The Housemaid (2010 Directed by Im Sang-soo) world distribution details:
Posted by Paul - 3rd June

The Housemaid (2010 - Directed by Im Sang-soo, and starring Jeon Do-yeon) has been sold to 15 countries for distribution, following its screening at the Cannes Film Festival.
A press release by Sidus F&H has announced that, at the Film Market held during the festival, the film was sold to France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Russia, Israel, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.


Two South Korean films are in competition for awards at Cannes 2010:
Posted by Paul - 19th May

The Housemaid (2010 Directed by Im Sang-soo) is in competition for the Palme d'Or at Cannes this year, and Poetry (2010 Directed by Lee Chang-dong) is competing for the Best Screenplay award.

Posted by Paul - 24th May

Sadly, The Housemaid didn't win the Palme d'Or at Cannes. However, Lee Chang-dong received the Best Screenplay award for his new film, Poetry.

Cannes 2010 Winners:

Palme d'Or: Lung Boonmee Raluek Chat (Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His past Lives)
Grand Prix: Des Hommes et Des Deux (Of Men and Gods)
Jury Prize: Un Homme Qui Crie (A Screaming Man)
Best Actor: Javier Bardem (Biutiful) and Elio Germano (La Nostra Vita)
Best Actress: Juliette Binoche (Copie Conforme)
Best Screenplay: Lee Chang-dong (Poetry)
Best Director: Mathieu Amalric (Tournee - On Tour)


TerraCotta Distribution - Details of TerraCotta Film Festival 2010 announced:
Posted by Paul - 10th April

TerraCotta Distribution has announced details of the line-up at this year's TerraCotta Film Festival.

Full details are available from (or by clicking the picture below):

Soda Pictures announces UK DVD release date for Treeless Mountain:
Posted by Paul - 9th March 2010

Soda Pictures has announced that Treeless Mountain (2008 South Korea - directed by Kim So-yong) will be released on DVD in the UK on the 10th May 2010.

Synopsis (taken from the DVD):

When their mother goes off in search of their estranged father, seven-year-old Jin and her younger sister, Bin, are left to live with their Big Aunt for the summer. With only a small piggy bank and their mother’s promise to return when it is full, the two young girls are forced to acclimatise to changes in their family life. Counting the days, and the coins, the two bright-eyed young girls eagerly anticipate their mother s homecoming. But when the piggy bank fills up, and with their mother still not having returned, Big Aunt decides that she can no longer tend to the children. Taken to live on their grandparent’s farm, it is here that Jin comes to learn the importance of family bonds in this beautiful, meditative, and thought-provoking second feature from Kim So-yong, the acclaimed director of In Between Days.


Actors: Kim Hee-yeon, Kim Song-hee
Format: PAL
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 1
Classification: PG
Studio: Soda Pictures
DVD Release Date: May 10th 2010

Run Time: 89 minutes


TerraCotta Distribution - UK DVD release of Breathless announced:
Posted by Paul - 09th March

TerraCotta Distribution has announced that it will release Breathless (2008, South Korea - directed by Yang Ik-june) on DVD in the UK on March 22nd 2010.

Details (from TerraCotta Distribution):
Out on DVD, 22nd March, following a nationwide theatrical run to great press acclaim (and surviving a brutal head to head with Precious), is Yang Ik-june's raw look at the cyclical nature of violence, through the eyes of a 'no-holds barred' debt-collector. You can pre-order (with some savings to be had!) at Amazon, Play or
Only 2,000 copies of this Collector Edition have been pressed up.

Packed with special features like the directors own video cam footage from the Rotterdam International Film Festival, and a Q&A at London Korean Film Festival with Yang Ik-june and specially written sleevenotes from the director and actress Kim Kkobbi, this truly is a collectable.

Actors: Yang Ik June, Kim Khot-bi, Jeong Man-shik
Directors: Yang Ik-June
Format: PAL
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 1
Classification: 18
Studio: Terracotta Media
DVD Release Date: 22 Mar 2010
Run Time: 130 minutes


Third Window Films announces UK DVD release date for Peppermint Candy:
Posted by Paul - 16th January 2010

Third Window Films has announced that the UK (Region 2) DVD of Peppermint Candy (2000 South Korea - directed by Lee Chang-dong) will be released on 26th April 2010.

Synopsis (taken from the Hangul Celluloid review):

Peppermint Candy is a South Korean film from 2000, directed by Lee Chang-dong (Green Fish, Oasis, Secret Sunshine), which tells the poignant tale of a man's life and the factors that lead to his demise. The main character's story is told in a series of vignettes which also reference South Korea's difficult move to democracy during the period and the turmoil faced by both him and his country ultimately has far greater consequences than he could ever have anticipated.


Actors : Sol Kyung-Gu; Moon So-Ri; Kim Yeo-Jin
Director : Lee Chang-dong
Presented in Association with: Dream Venture Capital, UniKorea

DVD Specifications: 
5.1 Surround Sound, Anamorphic Widescreen transfer, Removable Subtitles, NTSC Release

DVD Bonus Features: 
47 Minute 'Making of', Theatrical Trailer, Trailers of other Third Window releases

Format: NTSC
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 1
Classification: 15
Studio: Third Window Films
DVD Release Date: 26th April 2010


The Hangul Celluloid review of the Region 1 DVD release of Peppermint Candy can be found in the Reviews (Korean) section of the site. This review will be updated to incorporate the above UK Region 2 release prior to its release (26th April 2010).

Optimum Home Entertainment announces UK DVD release date for Chaw:
Posted by Paul - 3rd January 2010

Optimum Home Entertainment has announced that the UK (Region 2) DVD of Chaw (2008 South Korea - directed by Shin Jung-won) will be released on 1st March 2010.


Shock and fear wash over the quiet, peaceful town of Sameri when ecologist (Soo Ryeon) discovers the body parts of a girl in the mountains. Officer Kim Kang Su (Uhm Tae-woong), newly transferred from Seoul, gets assigned to the case, but it soon transpires that this is no ordinary homicide. Cheon Il Man (Jang Hang-seon), the victim's grandfather, is convinced that the culprit is a giant man-eating boar, and that more lives will be claimed unless the beast is killed – in fact, Kim's own mother has gone missing, and may have already fallen victim. All interested in capturing the boar for reasons of their own, Kim, Cheon, Soo Ryeon, opportunistic hunter Baek (Yoon Je-moon), and detective Shin (Park Hyuk-kwon) head into the dangerous wilds, but will they make it back out alive?

Actors : Uhm Tae-woong, Jung Yoo-mi
Director : Shin Jung-won

Format: PAL
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 1
Classification: 15
Studio: Optimum Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 1 Mar 2010

Run Time: 117 minutes



Palisades Tartan announces UK DVD release date for Thirst:
Posted by Paul - 14th November 2009

Palisades Tartan has announced that the UK (Region 2) DVD of Thirst (2008 South Korea - directed by Park Chan-wook) will be released on 25th January 2010.

Click here to read the Hangul Celluloid review of Thirst


Actors: Kim Ok-Bin, Song Young-Chang, Kang-Ho Song, Oh Dal-Su, Kim Hae-Suk
Directors: Park Chan-Wook
Format: Anamorphic, PAL
Region: Region 2
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Number of discs: 1
Classification: Exempt
Studio: Palisades Tartan
DVD Release Date: 25 Jan 2010

Run Time: 129 minutes


Optimum Releasing acquires UK distribution rights for Mother (2009 South Korea - written and directed by Bong Joon-ho):
Posted by Paul - 14th November 2009

Optimum Releasing has announced the acquisition of the UK distribution rights to Mother (2009).
It is thought that the film will be shown in cinemas followed by a DVD release in 2010.
More information will be posted as soon as it is available


Palisades Tartan announces two South Korean films for UK DVD release in October 2009:
Posted by Paul - 17th October 2009

Palisades Tartan has announced the UK (Region 2) DVD release of two South Korean titles in October.
October 5th sees the release of The Uninvited followed, on October 26th, by Blood Rain. Each is priced at £15.99 RRP.
Both titles were originally set to be released in the summer of 2008 prior to Tartan going into administration.
Details of each can be found below:

The Uninvited:

The debut feature from South Korean writer-director Lee Su-yeon, The Uninvited (aka "4 Inyong Shiktak") is a brooding, atmospheric supernatural thriller starring Park Shin-yang (The Big Swindle; White Valentine) and iconic Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun (Blood: The Last Vampire; My Sassy Girl; A Man Who Was Superman).

Features include:

2.0 Dolby Digital, 5.1 Dolby Digital and 5.1 DTS Surround audio options
Optional English subtitles


Blood Rain:

The second feature from Kim Dae-seung, the award-winning director of the 2001 romantic drama "Bungee Jumping Of Their Own", Blood Rain is a grisly period detective thriller set in 19th century Korea starring Cha Seung-won (Eye For An Eye; Kick The Moon).

Features include:

2.0 Dolby Digital, 5.1 Dolby Digital and 5.1 DTS Surround audio options
Optional English subtitles

Jeon Do-yeon is awarded Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters:
Posted by Paul - 13th October 2009

Cannes award-winning actress Jeon Do-yeon has been honoured by the French government with the Chevalier des Arts et Lettres award and medal at the 2009 Pusan Film Festival. With the award she becomes a Knight of the Chevalier des Arts et Lettres (Order of Arts and Letters).
The title recognizes Jeon Do-yeon's contribution to the culture and art fields, especially her efforts to promote Korean cinema in France.
She received the award from French Trade Minister Anne-Marie Idrac who described her as "one of the most talented actresses in South Korea today."
The Order of Arts and Letters was established on May 2nd 1957 by the Minister of Culture, and confirmed as part of the Ordre National du Mérite by President Charles de Gaulle in 1963. Its purpose is the recognition of significant contributions to the arts, literature, or the propagation of these fields.

Optimum Releasing - Haeundae has been released on DVD in the UK:
Posted by Paul - 12th October 2009

Optimum Releasing has today (12th October 2009) released Haeundae (2009, South Korea) on DVD in the UK through its Optimum Home Entertainment division. The English title "Tidal Wave" is used for the release.

Synopsis (taken from the DVD cover):

Every summer literally millions of vacationing tourists flock to Busan City on the East Coast of Korea. Their main destination is the idyllic, picturesque and popular holiday resort known as Haeundae Beach in search of sun, fun and romance. But geologist Kim Hwi has more legitimate reasons for being in Busan City. Despite being officially denied by the Disaster Prevention Agency, Kim is convinced that Haeundae beach is about to be hit by a mega-tsunami capable of obliterating anything that stands in its path. As Kim's worst fears are confirmed, Busan City is thrown into a storm of death and destruction.
Written and directed by JK Youn, Tidal Wave is one of Korea's most expensive and most successful films to date. An intense, action packed, special effects laden extravaganza, Tidal Wave is like no other summer blockbuster you have ever experienced. It'll have you gasping for air.

Extras consist of the cinema trailer.

RRP is £15.99



2009 London Korean Film Festival Line-up Announced
Posted by Paul - 24th September 2009

The 2009 London Korean Film Festival will run at the Barbican from 5th-12th November and will feature screenings of Dream (Kim Ki-duk), Thirst (Park Chan-wook), A Frozen Flower (Yoo Ha) and smash hit Breathless (Yang Ik-june). Also featured will be a retrospective on Korea’s indie film scene, a focus on industry veteran Yoo Hyun Mok, family animation and the best of the new releases.
Full details of specific screening dates and times are given below.
For bookings see and

Thirst (Bakjwi) (18)
19:00 / Opening Gala: Jury prize winner at Cannes this year, Park Chan-wook’s feature gets an exclusive Director's Cut in time for LKFF09
5 Nov 09 / 19:00 / Cinema 1

Dream (Bi-mong) (18)
18:00 / After a nightmare in which he is involved in a hit and run, Jin discovers that the incident really happened, except that the driver was not him
6 Nov 09 / 18:00 / Cinema 2

Breathless (Ddongpari) (18) + ScreenTalk with Yang Ik-june
20:00 / An uncompromising debut feature with a startling, compelling lead performance
6 Nov 09 / 20:00 / Cinema 2

Oseam (PG)
12:45 / Gorgeous animation and a beautiful story are combined to create a film of rare power and charm
7 Nov 09 / 12:45 / Cinema 3

The Story of Mr Sorry (Jaebulchal Si Yiyaki) (15)
14:30 / Mr Sorry is a professional ear cleaner who, after a chance encounter with the head of his company, starts to shrink and soon is so small that he can actually climb into the ears of his clients
7 Nov 09 / 14:30 / Cinema 3

Eighteen (Hoeoribaram) (15)
Eighteen and in love, Tae-hoon and Mi-jung celebrate their 100 day anniversary with a trip to the beach, but when they return, their parents forbid them to see each other until they start college
7 Nov 09 / 16:15 / Cinema 3

Himalaya: Where the Wind Dwells (Himalayaeui) (12A)
16:00 / Choi is in personal crisis, with a desperate need to reconnect to life as it rushes past
8 Nov 09 / 16:00 / Cinema 3

Treeless Mountain (Min-dung-san) (U)
18:30 / Left with just a piggy bank and each other, two sisters are sent to live with their Aunt until their mother’s promised return
8 Nov 09 / 18:30 / Cinema 2

Tidal Wave (Haeundae) (15)
20:30 / A million holiday makers jostle to bask in the sun but find they are faced with a giant tidal wave
8 Nov 09 / 20:30 / Cinema 2

Insadong Scandal (Insadong seukaendeul) (15)
18:15 / Missing for 400 years, the rediscovery of a fabled royal painting causes much excitement amongst the art world elite
9 Nov 09 / 18:15 / Cinema 3

Rough Cut (Yeong-hwa-neun yeong-hwa-da) (18)
20:45 / An action star’s violent temper means that his co-stars are refusing to work with him
9 Nov 09 / 20:45 / Cinema 3

Kim's Daughters (Gimyakguk-ui Ttaldeul) (12A)
18:15 / Exploring the different lifestyles open to women since Korea’s modernisation and the conflict with patriarchal traditions
10 Nov 09 / 18:15 / Cinema 1

Martyr (Sungyoja) (12A)
20:30 / Another of Yu’s successful literary adaptations and the first film he also independently produced, Martyr is Yu’s celebrated exploration of religious faith and martyrdom
10 Nov 09 / 20:30 / Cinema 1

Private Eye (Geu-rim-ja sal-in) (15)
18:15 / Park Dae-min films his own award winning screenplay for his first feature, a murder mystery set in Seoul in the early 19th century
11 Nov 09 / 18:15 / Cinema 3

Scandal Makers: Replicated Strokes (Gwasok Seukaendeul) (12A)
20:30 / A surprise box office hit in Korea, Kang Hyung-chul’s debut feature is an unmissible quirky comedy
11 Nov 09 / 20:30 / Cinema 3

Aimless Bullet (Obalton) (12A)
18:15 / Frequently topping lists as the best Korean film of all time, the superlative Aimless Bullet is the finest example of realism in Korean cinema and Yu’s most accomplished work
12 Nov 09 / 18:15 / Cinema 1

A Frozen Flower (Ssang-hwa-jeom) (18)
20:30 / Yoo Ha follows the award winning A Dirty Carnival with this ravishing 14th century set tale of love, betrayal and revenge, replete with trademark stunning set-piece action
12 Nov 09 / 20:30 / Cinema 1

Bong Joon-Ho Film Season to be screened by the BFI
Posted by Paul - 13th September 2009

The British Film Institute (BFI) has announced that it will be screening a Bong Joon-ho Film Season at the National Film Theatre (NFT), London, in early November 2009. The Season will feature all of his previous films and a special screening of his new film 'Mother', folllowed by an in-person Question & Answer session with the director himself.
Films, screening dates and screening times are:

Incoherence, Influenza and other shorts (consisting of):

Incoherence (1994)
Influenza (2004)
White Man (1993)
Memories in My Frame (1994)

Sun 8th Nov 18.00 NFT2
Fri 13th Nov 18.00 NFT2

Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000):

Sun 1st Nov 20.30 NFT3
Thu 5th Nov 17.30 NFT2

Memories of Murder (2003):

Mon 2nd Nov 20.40 NFT2
Fri 13th Nov 18.00 NFT3

The Host (2006) + Sink & Rise (7 mins) (2004):

Tue 3rd Nov 20.40 NFT2
Wed 11th Nov 18.15 NFT1


Tue 10th Nov 20.45 NFT2
Wed 11th Nov 20.40 NFT1

Special Preview: Mother (2009):
(Followed by Q&A session with director Bong Joon-ho)

Sat 14th Nov 18.20 NFT3
(Tickets £15.50)

*A ticket ballot is available (BFI members only) for this event prior to public ticket release*

Ticket ballot opens Sept 29th

Public box office (for this event and all other listed films) opens 6th Oct.

Korean actress Jang Jin-young:
Posted by Paul - 2nd September 2009

I am very sad to have to report that Jang Jin-young, an extremely talented and incredibly beautiful Korean actress and model, has passed away following a brave battle against stomach cancer.
She was just 35 years old.
Jin-young was diagnosed with the disease on September 22, 2008 and stopped work immediately. In a telephone interview aired on MBC's After News programme on November 29, 2008, she stated that she had been undergoing both Western medical treatments and traditional herbal remedies and that her health was improving but, after battling the disease for a year, was hospitalised on September 1, 2009 when her condition worsened. It is also claimed that doctors had recently been giving her morphine and other drugs to relieve her pain. She passed away shortly after being admitted to hospital.
Poignantly, Jang Jin-young was probably best known for her role in the 2003 film "Scent of Love" in which she portrayed a woman dying of stomach cancer.

She will be sadly missed.

Between Love and Hate (2006), Blue Swallow (2005), Singles (2003), Scent of Love (2003), Over The Rainbow (2002), Sorum (2001), Siren (2000), The Foul King (2000), Ghost in Love (1998)

Jang Jin-young - 장진영
June 14, 1974 - September 1, 2009

Third Window Films and TerraCotta Distribution - UK DVD releases announced for August:
Posted by Paul - 15th July 2009 (Updated - 28th July 2009)

Third Window Films and TerraCotta Distribution have both announced UK DVD releases of South Korean films for August 10th 2009: "Oasis" (2002, written and directed by Lee Chang-dong) - the story of a hardened criminal who falls in love with a cerebral palsy sufferer - and "No. 3" (1997, directed by Song Neung-han) - a black comedy mobster/gangland thriller - will be released by Third Window Films and TerraCotta Distribution will release The Fox Family (2006, directed by Lee Hyung-gon) - the story of a family of foxes who have taken human form and must eat a human liver on one specific night, which only comes once in every thousand years, when a lunar eclipse occurs for a chance to become permanently human.
A review of the Third Window Films release of Oasis can be found in the DVD section of Hangul Celluloid.

Availability of South Korean film DVDs in the UK is increasing:
Posted by Paul - 12th June 2009

Third Window Films, a new(ish) British distributor of Asian DVDs, has released a number of both recent and not so recent films in the UK market covering all areas of Asian cinema including South Korea. Previous releases include South Korean films The President's Last Bang, Green Fish, Dasepo Naughty Girls, Kick The Moon, Wildcard and Guns & Talks and forthcoming releases include Oasis (release date 10th August 2009), No.3 (release date 10th August 2009) and Peppermint Candy (release date T.B.C). Another brand new company called TerraCotta Distribution has also joined the market with its first DVD release of Hansel And Gretel and it's next release (release date 10th August 2009) is set to be The Fox Family. TerraCotta also runs a regular Far East Asian film festival in London, which includes South Korean film screenings - details of the next festival will be posted in the Cinema Section page of this site as and when they are available. Combined with Optimum Asia's continually growing catalogue the availability of South Korean films and DVDs in the UK looks set to go from strength to strength - good news indeed especially considering that Tartan Video was put into administration last year.

Thirst cinema poster banned in South Korea:
Posted by Paul - 27th May 2009

South Korea's Media Rating Board has insisted that the main cinema poster for Park Chan-wook's vampire film "Thirst" be changed to remove any sexual connotations. The Board was said to feel that the artwork should not imply sexuality alongside religious imagery. The original image will still be used to promote the film in other countries around the world.
Both the original and subsequently altered images are shown below (click either image to see a larger version).

Thirst original cinema poster Thirst censored cinema poster
Original cinema poster Censored cinema poster

Thirst scoops Jury Prize:

Posted by Paul - 26th May 2009

South Korean film "Thirst" ("Bakjwi" in Korean), directed by Park Chan-wook, has jointly won the Jury prize at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival. The film tells the story of a Catholic priest who becomes a vampire after being given a strange blood transfusion during a medical experiment and starts a dangerous love affair with his friend's wife. The award is director Park's second at Cannes having previously won the Grand Jury Prize in 2004 for his film "Oldboy.” Following his acceptance of the award Park told the audience at the awards ceremony that he enjoys filmmaking from beginning to end and is happy to be able to make films. He added that he wishes to share the award with his dearest friend and colleague, Song Gang-ho, who played the lead in “Thirst.”
The award marks the eighth time a Korean film has received one of the major awards at the Cannes International Film Festival - most recently actress Jeon Do-yeon took the best actress prize in 2007 for "Secret Sunshine."
"Thirst" shared the Jury prize with British director Andrea Arnold's film Fish Tank.

Park Chan-wook Cannes Jury Prize for Thirst
Above: Park Chan-wook receives the Cannes Jury Prize

Right: One of the film's South Korean cinema posters
Thirst poster

"Thirst," has drawn about 2.1 million viewers in South Korea since its cinema release and has been sold to more than 10 countries including France, Greece, Brazil, Spain and Turkey for screening worldwide later this year.


Blood: The Last Vampire set for UK cinema release:
Posted by Paul - 25th May 2009

Blood: The Last Vampire is set for UK cinema release on 26th June 2009. Although not technically a South Korean film it does star Jeon Ji-hyun (the South Korean actress most famous for playing the lead role in My Sassy Girl) as a 400 year old half-human, half-vampire who hunts full blooded vampires both to protect the world from them and as a source of food. Normally a loner, she forms a friendship with a young girl she meets at an American military base while preparing to battle Onigen, the highest ranking of the vampires. The film is set in 1948 at a United States Army camp in Tokyo, shortly after the conclusion of World War II, during the American occupation of Japan.


In May 2006, Bill Kong, producer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero, announced that he was producing a live-action film adaptation of anime hit Blood: The Last Vampire, which had been directed by Ronny Yu, to be primarily filmed in English rather than Japanese. Kong and Yu originally planned to finance the project themselves but in November 2006 Production I.G officially consented to the film and began offering financial support. Pathé became the film's production company with Yu retained as producer, with Chris Nahon taking over as the film's director. Jeon Ji-Hyun adopted her English screen name (Gianna Jun) for the release.

(see below for three versions of the cinema poster)

Director: Chris Nahon

Writers: Kenji Kamiyama and Katsuya Terada


 Jeon Ji-hyun (credited as Gianna Jun) ... Saya
Allison Miller ... Alice Mckee
Liam Cunningham ... Michael
JJ Feild ... Luke
Koyuki ... Onigen
Yasuaki Kurata ... Kato Takatora
Michael Byrne ... Elder
Colin Salmon ... Powell
Andrew Pleavin ... Frank Nielsen
Larry Lamb ... General Mckee
Constantine Gregory ... Principal Henry
Masiela Lusha ... Sharon
Ailish OConnor ... Linda
Joey Anaya ... Creature